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a magic BOX full of props

a magic BOX full of props

7 to 11 items all tied to the magical world of HP for fans from all over the world to dive in. Objects directly related with the wizarding world, mugs that belongs to Aurors, courses notes, vials derived from reserved, etc...

Items showing off how much we are all fans like badges or stationery, because wizards are known for all those wand permits and letters of admission ;)

Enter the whole magical world from Hogwarts to Beauxbâtons, visits Ilvermorny and the international wizarding community.

With the Wholistic Box, the Potterverse is real and you will receive it on your doorstep.

Let yourself be surprised!

Hogwarts and beyond

Hogwarts and beyond

The Wholistic Box is dedicated to all fans of the Potterverse, all witches and wizards, squibs and muggles.

Props, goodies and stationery. Handmade, home crafted, professionally printed with care on selected papers. Everything is custom made.

Don't you want vintage tickets for the Knight Bus or stickers for your butterbeer? What about posters for the next duelling competition? Would an invitation to the Yule Ball at Beauxbâtons Academy interest you? What if you had your own MACUSA stamp? Keychains of your house symbol, original t-shirts and other goodies?

This is what we offer you every 2 months.

This and much more :)

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    More information and more pictures are available on Wholistic Wizards website.

    Also, there's freebies :)

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    An eternal glory to everyone who supported us thru the Kickstarter campaign.

    Hurry up to get the first Wholistic Box - until May 15th!