True Vintage Props ? Try the Wholistic Box

The Wholistic Box

The Wizards Boutique

rare and exclusive objects from the potterverse

Bring the Potterverse to life

Here, you will find the Wizards Boutique and the Wholistic Magic Box. The Wizards Boutique is full of props and also custom-made, high quality, magical objects to bring the Wizarding World to you. The Wholistic Box is a bi-monthly subscription box for all fans of the Potterverse, witches and wizards, squibs and muggles.

Here all items are created with the Potterverse in mind. Some of them are in limited editions, others are refilled with pleasure, a few selected are crafted on demand and the Wholistic Box is always available. Extending the Potterverse, bringing it to life with magical objects from the every day life and well thought details, because magic is within everything.

Diverse and immersive collectables, never-seen-before quality vintage materials for all occasions or just for your own collection, passion and fun.  Because this magical universe contains many wizarding schools, multiple communities and numerous lives to live !

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Mir hat die Box für den Anfang sehr gut gefallen.  Die Papierarbeiten sind hübsch gemacht und auch inhaltlich interessant.  So Kleinigkeiten finde ich immer sehr schön!

Fräulein Fuchs

I adore this box. It's vintage and magically dark. So unique.  Where are you gonna get subtle Harry Potter? Even their writing is magical !  I can't get over how cool this box is.

Connie Bell

On voit la recherche qu'il a fallu pour créer les différents designs et pour coller au plus près de l'univers. Je la trouve géniale.  L'originalité, les produits inédits et le fait que ce soit "artisanal".