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Archie Mede Antique Wand

Archie Mede Antique Wand

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Archibald Mede is a French wandmaker, highly skilled and working with Arithmancy, no other wandmaker do such. Archie prefers beech wood as it is known to be tied to mystical knowledge. His wands are good for chaotic and abstract magic. Most have a salamander nerve at their core for a hint of passion. 

Archie Mede is proud of his work and delivers a certificate of authenticity - he prefers to call it Touch of Authenticity. Archie's wands are known for their simple design, based on what was used ages ago in Broceliande Forest ...

Archie Mede Antique Wands are sure to be unique, he only works on demand.

Detailed information
Lenght: 38cm
Wand: Oil paint and varnish
Certificate: Textured paper
Professionally printed on both sides
Format A5 ( 148mm x 210mm )
Wax Seal
2 Galleons, 10 Sickles and 15 Knuts