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Two Butterbeer Labels
Two Butterbeer Labels
Two Butterbeer Labels

Two Butterbeer Labels

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Whether you follow a recipe or prefer a specific brew, butterbeer is always found in welcoming places. Served cold or warm, the beverage is perfect for every occasion and all variants are appreciated.

Your own brew would make your bottle even better with labels stating that it is chosen by Mrs Rosmerta from renown Three Broomsticks or by the Irish Quidditch Team. It wouldn't give away your secret ingredient and would sparkle on your table.

As the saying goes "the best recipes are in the old pots", the labels are old looking, emanating respect of old age and a classic vintage. Surely, any bottle with such label look like a beloved heirloom, who wouldn't want that?


Detailed information
Quantity: 2 labels, 1 of each design
Width: 12cm - Height: 7cm 
Professionally printed
Textured paper
10 Sickles and 15 Knuts