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Two Pumpkin Juice Labels

Two Pumpkin Juice Labels

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Pumpkin Juice is the favourite juice of every little witch and wizard. Each magical family has its own recipe. Why not make it official with labels to put on any bottle, small or big?

The Laughing Pumpkin will become the best juice of pumpkin that everyone will ask for, the number 1 ;)

Moreover, those labels are a special edition of 100th anniversary of the London Pumpkins & Sons !

To stick with the fashion of table art, the labels are vintage looking and the paper is textured, the colours catch the light just perfectly. Your bottle will be empty fast with a look of made at home with love.

Detailed information
Quantity: 2 labels
Width: 7cm - Height: 12cm 
Professionally printed
Textured paper
10 Sickles and 15 Knuts