Copy of the Wholistic Box - 7 boxes

Regular price €177.00

Every two months, you receive a box of 7 - 11 items.

Homemade and professionally printed.

Posters, postcards, stickers, stationary, letters, tickets, permit, etc. Anything that can be imagined to have existed in the Wizarding World will be in the box. Be prepared for surprises as we'll extend the Magical World. After all, there's more than the UK's Ministry of Magic in the world and Hogwarts is not the only school of witchcraft & wizardry ;)

Rest assure it is not just about paper craft. There is also goodies such as seals, mugs, badges, magnets, figurines, etc.

And if that was not enough, other objects from the official licence.

Pick your house or all house for more personalization!

With the Yearly option, you get 6 boxes + 1 bonus box with a discount price of each box for 29€ instead of 33€ + 1 free box ( + shipping ) - that's a deal :D