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Mysterious Moptus Potion

Mysterious Moptus Potion

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Potions are not always liquid in bottles. Such is the case with the Mysterious Moptus Potion. A rare potion to foresee the future, the ingredients are complicated to obtain and their combination is delicate with dreadful consequences if used too often or worst ... misused, this potion is extremely dangerous. Indeed, loss of eyesight is irreversible.

Will you see the future or will you be mesmerized by the vapours contained within? Will the sands of time capture your vision or give you some?

This bottle was found in an abandoned place and is now available for any collector, potion enthusiast and curious owner. The label is clean but old and bears strange inscriptions ...

1 bottle is enough to inspire admiration from any professional potion maker or at the very least, will look good on any shelf :)


Detailed information
Height: 9cm - Width: 4,5cm - Lenght: 4,5cm
Glass bottle with cork
Textured paper
1 Galleon, 2 Sickles and 19 Knuts