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Practical Potion in Vial

Practical Potion in Vial

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Potion master Horace Slughorn, professor at Hogwarts, likes people to be magical and magic to be useful and practical. During his flight from dark wizards, Professor Slughorn developed single-use potions with immediate effects with a twist.

Long Distance Floo Powder will allow you to travel beyond the closely connected fireplaces, going on the continent from Great Britain or from North to South of Europe.

Pulvis Unguis Draconis or Powder of Dragon's claw is a mental boost for a couple of hours. Benefit from improved cognitive capacities and work faster, or think faster for a limited time.

Professor Slughorn insists on esthetic of potion, consequently, both vials look good individually and better together but without sacrificing to a good labelling. Each vial is labelled with Horacle Slughorn monogram and the usual disclaimer... Well thought Professor ;) 

Detailed information
Lenght: 19cm
Glass with cork
Textured paper
15 Sickles and 23 Knuts or 1 Galleon, 10 Sickles and 11 Knuts for both